“Tainda” ya “Taindi” (It’s not about just “Veggies”)

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Re: “Tainda” ya “Taindi” (It’s not about just “Veggies”)


Post by muniba.bukhari » Thu May 09, 2019 9:22 am

I want to clarify here that these are two extremes we are dealing with one and will may be see the other extreme so it'll definitely time taking when after seeing both extremes that we will be able to achieve that level of equality. May be you got my point now that people have to face both extremes and may after that they would realize the worth of equality.
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Post by imisa2 » Fri May 10, 2019 5:19 pm

khan.saba wrote:
Wed May 08, 2019 2:53 pm
muniba.bukhari wrote:
Tue May 07, 2019 2:12 pm
I'll also add one more thing which is solely my believe and opinion that things reverse with the passage of time as well as everything switch from one situation to other .
I'll clear my point with an example that if at a time we are happy than we should prepare ourselves for the time coming in future to make us sad, at once we thought ourselves to be nothing than at the other point life give us chance to prove ourselves, at once we find freedom while on the other hand we see restrictions and so many examples like this , even you also can relate many examples and switching from one situation to the exactly opposite of it ... so if we are in the patriarchal society than definitely there will be the time when we or may be the people coming after us will see women in charge (matriarchy) . We can find the evidence of matriarchy from our religion also , the interpretation of which is there will be the time when women took charge and then the day of judgement will be the most nearest... so may be I'll not able to see matriarchy but i am not hopeless ☺
Thank you! 😄
Good one it means insiside your heart you also believe that equality is not possible either it would be patriarchy (male dominance) alternative matriarchy. So you you denouncing your own claim😊
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kanwal shahzadi
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Post by kanwal shahzadi » Sun May 19, 2019 10:26 pm

The story in the introductory paragraph is not approprite for the introduction of any paper or writing...i think it should be after the starting paragraph... And also Gender equality is not well defined.
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